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Our certificates & awards

Organic substrate CARBOMAT – for soil and soilless cultivation of plants, and humus extract CARBOHUMIC – a preparation for nourishing plants and improving soil properties.

Organic farming certificate FiBL – CARBOHUMIC

Product name: CARBOHUMIC

Category: fertilizers, composts, soils and technical materials

Sub-category: aids and additives

The above named product meets the ‘product evaluation criteria for the Dutch inputs list’ and may be used under the above cited categories. The use of this product is subject to national law and regulations.

The Award of prof. Szczepan A. Pieniążek - Carbohumic

In 2020, the jury of Professor Szczepan Aleksander Pieniążek award, awards the prize for the most innovative and making a significant contribution to the development of Polish gardening product to Carbohort sp.z o.o. for: Carbohumic – humus extract made on the basis of lignite.

The Award of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development - Carbomat

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development awards a diploma for outstanding national achievement relevant to the implementation of progress in agriculture in the form of realization, implementation and dissemination of scientific work results: “Development and implementation into gardening of an innovative CARBOMAT substrate for soilless cultivation of greenhouse plants”.

Organic farming certificate – CARBOMAT

At the request of the manufacturer, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of 2 March 2010. (Journal of Laws No. 54, item 326), soil conditioner CARBOMAT ECO has been qualified by the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – National Research Institute for application in organic farming.

The product is entered in the list of fertilisers and soil conditioners for organic farming under no. NE/567/2021.

Organic farming certificate - Carbohumic

At the manufacturer’s request, an organic-mineral soil conditioner with the trade name CARBOHUMIC, in accordance with Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (EC) No 889/2008 on organic production and labeling of organic products, may be used in organic farming.

The product is registered on the list of fertilizers and soil conditioners classified by IUNG-PIB in Puławy for use in organic farming under the number NE / 495/2019.

Patent document - Carbomat

A substrate for soil and cultivation, especially for growing vegetables in greenhouse crops and plastic tunnels, containing at least 80% organic matter in relation to dry matter, characterized by total porosity in the range of 70-90%, the presence of free spaces filled with water and air, absorbable and retaining constant air-water properties, characterized in that they are natural lignite, comminuted to a particle fraction with a diameter of 1.0 to 20 mm and / or to an earthy fraction with a granulation of 1.0 mm.

Certificate of quality and conformity - Carbomat

Brown coal, as a rich source of humic substances, plays an important role in maintaining crop growth and providing plants with mineral compounds. Has a positive effect on improving the physical, physicochemical and biological properties of soils.

Humic substances regulate the concentration of the soil solution by sorption and the release of elements into the solution, they best protect the soil environment and the ecosystem against the effects of heavy metal pollution.

Professor dr hab. Stanisław Kaniszewski
Dr. Jacek Dyśko

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